8 Tips On How To Choose The Right Lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer to represent your case in court is always a personal decision that one ought to make when they require their services. There are so many different types of lawyers available in Singapore today and they each practice in different areas of the law to assist their clients. This makes it necessary for one to compare among the available attorneys in order to fit the right one to represent them in their cases well. Below are some 8 tips that will be useful as a guide to selecting the best attorney in Singapore to handle one’s case. They not only make the process of looking for the right legal counsel easier but also assist you in boosting your success rate while in the courts.



It is not all the lawyers that you meet in Singapore have lots of experience in the legal industry. It is therefore paramount for you to contact your favorite lawyer to find out about their experience level. If you are looking to land the best attorneys in Singapore then you ought to target those that have attained an experience of around 5 years. The reason for choosing an experience attorney is for the sole reason that their long experience would have exposed them to all legal procedures. This then would mean that they would be at a better position to understand how o move the court appropriately in order to win cases for their clients. They also have lots of knowledge and skills when it comes to dealing with the legal matters that arise in their specialization areas. This tip will assist you greatly in avoiding lawyers who are unreliable or even unwanted in Singapore.

Asking for References

If you are looking for the easiest and most straightforward way of finding the right lawyer to conduct your case then this has got to be it. You can easily get referrals from your work colleagues, friends, family, relatives and a host of other close people to yourself on the best lawyers to go to. Reference is usually a great way of getting to find out more about any particular attorney that you could be considering for the task in hand. All the above people will be more than willing and happy to recommend to you some of the great advocates that are accessible in the country. These reputable attorneys will be able to offer you the best quality of legal services that you deserve in Singapore. This method is also easy to do as getting such information from close relatives does not demand too much from your part.

Looking at Attorney Directories

Only a bunch of people in Singapore know this secret of getting the right lawyers from the attorney directory. It makes it easier for one to take a look at the attorneys who are proficient in various legal fields in order to land a lawyer who is well polished in that particular area that the case touches on. The directory for attorneys usually entails the details of the lawyers that are considered to be reputable as well as the legally recognized lawyers in Singapore. This tip is important as it will help you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong attorney who will prove to be unreliable later on.


Checking Reviews

Before you settle for any particular law firm that is capable of handling your type of case, ensure that you first of all get to read the kind of reviews such a law firm gets from its past and present clients. These reviews are very important as they will enable you to land a suitable law firm in Singapore and consequently advocate handling your matter. It is possible to get to read these reviews and testimonials from the internet, magazines, newspapers, local directories among other information resources. Attorneys who are of a high quality will always get many testimonials that are great from their clients who will be happy for the high quality services offered to them.

Considering the Fee Involved

This is often a crucial tip for people to consider when they go out there looking for a great lawyer to represent their interests before a court of law in Singapore. Different lawyers charge different fees to their clients. It is therefore important to contact some of these law firms to find out their rates before agreeing to their terms. It is also good to check if such law firms also offer some form of discounts to their clients. You will find that there are some advocates who always offer instant quotations to all their customers who inquire about their rates. This is usually done at no extra added cost. It is always advisable to pick a law firm that charges a reasonable fee in order to eradicate the possibility of running into financial trouble.

Free Consultations

While in the process of looking to land that perfect lawyer, you should ask whether they offer free consultations. There are several Singaporean attorneys who are always ready to give their new would-be clients some free consultation. It is possible to organize for several of these consultations from different lawyers in order to check who would be the best amongst the ones you meet. This will help you compare between them to find the one you would settle with depending on their legal knowledge.

Right Lawyer

Registered Lawyers

In order to land the best lawyer, you would need to consider the ones who are registered at the time you go out there looking for them. The registered lawyers are the only ones who are recognized to practice law in Singapore. In order to get a list of the registered attorneys close to your area, you should pay a visit to the website of the association of lawyers to get all the necessary information. There are some directories of the registered lawyers that are present on the internet. It is also advisable to check the validity period of such registration to minimize chances of working with a rogue attorney.


The legal field in Singapore and all parts of the world revolves around the reputation of a particular lawyer. The better the reputation they have made for themselves, the better their legal services will be in the long run. In order to find out the reputation that a particular attorney holds in the field you ought to consult with the lawyer’s association or fellow colleagues who know the attorney better.


The business of choosing the right lawyer in Singapore does not have to be necessarily hard. You simply have to follow all the above useful tips as well as go into checking the personality, skills, knowledge and personality of such a legal professional. It is important to approach this delicate exercise with a sober mind as choosing the right legal representation generally increases the success rate of your matter.
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