5 Things You Need To Know About Family and Matrimonial

A family is a unit of various persons, who tend to have different rights and responsibilities. In legal terms, a family is established from a matrimonial relationship, between a man and a woman. In some situation, the family can be referred to as one, while in others, it can be a unit with different persons. Just like a normal person, every family has their own way of living, which means that they will have varied codes and practices. However, when it comes to law, every family will follow one set of regulations and rules, which are related to them. The family law is wide, and it covers several aspects, nevertheless, here are some things you should know about a matrimonial or a family, legally speaking.

Even though children are the least authoritative persons in a family, they are eligible to get all their rights. The rights entail the right to live, with enough food, sufficient clothing, and reside in a safe house, in a safe environment. In addition, their social life is considered very vital in the law. This means that the children have more requirements, and rights compared to the parents. The children also have the right to inherit the property of the parents, usually when the parents have passed on. They will also be under the care of their parents until they reach the legal age, which is 16.

One thing that might be disappointing is that a couple in a matrimonial will get an equal share, in case of a divorce. This will be regardless of the earnings of the wife or the husband. In most cases, the man may be earning more than the woman, which could be more devastating to the man. For that, it is always advised to try to settle things out before filing for a divorce.

There might reach a point where you wish to divorce and move on with your life, but it is always not that easy to file for a divorce. The government of Singapore requires that a couple must fulfill specific conditions in order to be granted a divorce. One condition is that you must have been married for more than 3 years, prior to being granted a divorce by the court, although some situations could be considered. If it is for the reasons of infidelity, the plaintiff must have enough supporting evidence of the incidence, in order to be granted the divorce.

In Singapore, the family law is a huge unit that covers many other aspects. Since the family is made up of the matrimonial partner and their children, it therefore covers several areas. It will cover the child issues, adoptions, divorce and matrimonial property division. It also covers the personal maintenance and protection orders. The family law also covers one section for Muslims, and another for any other person. This ensures that everyone has been served accordingly, without being left out.

This is where a case is presented in court, here, every member of the given family, which has an ongoing case in court, must be physically present. This could also be because one person might be needed to present their statements and/or evidences in case they are needed to. Also, since they will be named as being a part of the family, whether the children, the father or the mother, they must be physically present. If any member of the family is not physically present in the court, the case could be put on hold, until the particular member is present.

Basically, the family law is such a wide subject that involves different aspects. The family or matrimonial lawyers help clients to get the appropriate justice, in relation to their cases. In case you have any agitating questions about laws related to the family, then you will need to contact a professional law firm. When choosing a family lawyer, always choose one that is qualified enough, and with the right skills and knowledge. Since the family and matrimonial law is a complex unit, you will need to have a lawyer that is well informed about the necessary aspects related to the family.

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