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Lawyers play a very crucial role for both domestic disputes as well as business purposes. Whether you need settle a dispute, deal or a challenge, you will need the advice of one of the most experienced lawyers. Lawyers not only deal with disputes but for many legal advices or for legal documents, you may need a lawyer as well. The main job of lawyers is to study the facts and evidences and then proceed with the case. At our law firm in Singapore, we ensure that each and every lawyer is highly talented, skilled and experienced. Our main motive is to help people get their justice rightfully and legally. We provide the best in class services to all our clients to ensure that they get the rightful judgment from the jury.


Services Provided

We provide extensive services to each and every client in Singapore. Whether you need a lawyer for your business or for your domestic cases, we have lawyers who are specialized in every sector.

Banking & finance:
Our lawyers are expert in dealing with various banking and financial cases. With the increasing number of complex financial markets, institutions and banks, it has really become important to deal along with a highly experienced banking and finance lawyer.

Real Estate:
While dealing with any real estate properties, it is important to get a lawyer for all the legal documents and paper works. Sometimes, the real estate dealings can get tricky. With a team of highly qualified real estate lawyers and paralegals, we offer a seamless service in this to every client.

Family & Divorce lawyer:
Family law is a vast concept and it includes custody, matrimonial as well as adoption issues. These cases can be quite confusing and complex. But with the help of our skilled and experienced lawyers, you will be able to get the best result.

Personal Injury & Accidents
: No doubt, when someone faces any accident, one needs a personal injury lawyer for various needs. Whether it is for settling the case out of the court, for the claims from insurance company or to talk with the insurance adjuster, having a personal injury lawyer by your side is very important. We have handled several cases regarding out-of-court settlement and insurance claims for our clients. Our success rate is quite high and we assure you to provide with the right settlement amount that you deserve.

Criminal lawyer:
Criminal lawyers are expert in dealing with cases related to mitigation, CBT, drugs, traffic offence, plead guilty and theft. Without a criminal lawyer it is impossible to prove yourself innocent. A criminal lawyer deals with evidences and facts. Often we, being an experienced team of criminal attorneys, have to go beyond just facts. We make sure to prove our client innocent providing all valid proves and evidences.


Civil Litigation:
We offer a wide range of services in Singapore regarding civil litigation cases. We have lawyers for you to fight for you against the landlord tenant cases, employment laws, contract laws and many other civil litigation cases.

Why Choose Us?

Of course, there many well-regarded and great law firms in the business right now in Singapore. But not everyone has the knowledge and experience around diverse part of the laws. We have explored all the dynamics and have successfully established ourselves as one of the top-notch law firms. Besides just offering legal help or advice to the clients, we believe in serving the nation. Criminal records and frauds are increasing every now and then. Insurance companies are trying to make a fool out of people by settling for less. Everyone in this world is looking for their own privileges causing harm to others.

We stand by the people who are victimized and suffer in real. We offer the best service to all the clients, regardless of what the case is and what it is related to. Our team is highly experienced and skilled with immense knowledge about specific laws they have specialized in. We offer a special team for every different type of cases. Our main goal is to offer the best service to the clients and help them to get the right justice for every case.

We listen to our clients properly and understand the situation deeply. Our skilled and experienced lawyers look into the matter very carefully and do a very in-depth study before they can move forward with the case. We serve the best services to each and every client. With proper experiences and expertise, we can deal with different cases efficiently and provide you with the best outcome. We believe in dedication and extreme commitment which we make sure to deliver to our clients. Be it a case of domestic problem, civil litigation, accident, real estate issues, business deals and criminal cases, our lawyers can handle them efficiently.


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Lawyers are very important in every sphere of life. People face legal problems, now and then. To get out of this problem and to make sure that it is in your favor, choosing a skilled lawyer is very important. Without a lawyer it is not possible for any common man to proceed with any legal cases. Legal procedures are very complicated and you must know how to handle with it. In Singapore, the importance of lawyers is increasing every day. With the increasing number of crime, theft, accident and domestic problems, every person needs a lawyer to be by their side.

In Singapore, laws are quite complicated and one must take the help of a professional lawyer to settle any legal cases. So, whenever you are in any legal problems and want a lawyer to deal with it, do yourself a favour and call us for help immediately. Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers will immediately help you with your problems. We can provide you with legal advices too. So, whether you need to settle any case out of the court or want to continue the case legally, we can offer you the best services. Make sure to contact us today for solving any legal issue or problems.
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I was recommended by my friend Edmund to try Lawyer Singapore. Ivan was very friendly and gave us very good and sound advice. We managed to get back what we lost. Thank you for your help. You guys are certainly  very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
Mr Elvin Yeo
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Singapore's Leading Litigation, Defamation, Employment Law, Criminal, Fraud, Family & Will Lawyer

Singapore's Leading Litigation, Defamation, Employment Law, Criminal, Fraud, Family & Will Lawyer

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We Are Specialists In Litigation, Defamation, Family & Matrimonial, Employment Law, Drafting Of Will, Criminal & Fraud

We Are Specialists In Litigation, Defamation, Family & Matrimonial, Employment Law, Drafting Of Will, Criminal & Fraud

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