The Different Types Of Lawyers In Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic country, and one thing that it's proud of is the high levels of education. There are plenty of professionals in this nation, and each field enjoys a great number of bright and young minds. Among the professions that have enjoyed immense growth in this country is the legal industry that is rated to have some of the best professionals that Singapore produces. There are thousands of lawyers who have specialized in different fields of law. Every legal problem is well represented with highly trained and specialized legal experts. Here are the different types of lawyers that you can find in Singapore

The Different Types Of Lawyers In Singapore

Bankruptcy Lawyers

These are specialized lawyers have studied extensively the legal matters that are associated with the bankruptcy and debts. They are very crucial lawyers in the business world and especially in the banking sector. You can contract them in Singapore when you are filing for bankruptcy or being defended for the same. It is a group of legal experts who have been rated as the most efficient legal service providers.

Business or Corporate Law Attorneys

This is another group of lawyer who has built an impeccable reputation in Singapore for their quality services. These are lawyers that deal with handling of contracts between corporate or business entities and also with the incorporation. They are also contracted to handle litigation and patent issues affecting the corporate and business entities.

Civil rights Attorneys

These are lawyers who have specialized in civil rights and they help the Singapore citizens in understanding their rights. They defend individuals in the court of who are defending their rights from abuses. Majority of these lawyers have studied constitutional law and thus their service delivery is quite impressive. They will defend any form of discrimination and civil liberties against their clients. They are also very active in the defense of the Lesbian and Gay rights, and all other types of human right related abuse cases.

DUI Attorneys

These are very special lawyers who are providing their service to the people of Singapore. DUI attorneys are there to defend their clients charged with driving under the influence may it be of drugs or alcohol. These are legal charges that can put you in jail for many years and thus good attorney is required to defend you. They usually handle Drunk Biking cases, felony DUI, aggravated DUI and also commercial DUI regulations.

Employment lawyers

These are some of the most active lawyers in Singapore considering the high number of workforce that is in this nation. They do handle plenty of cases associated with employees’ rights. They can handle workers’ compensation cases, wages and overtime disputes and discrimination against employees on gender, age, etc.. They are also very much involved in drafting the employees’ benefits like absence leaves and also retirement benefits. For those who are victims of the sexual harassment at their place work, these are the lawyers who see to it that justice have been done to you.

Types Of Lawyers In Singapore

Family & Divorce Lawyers

These are some of most friendly and the most important lawyers in the Singapore legal industry. They are very crucial in maintaining the social order by providing amicable solutions to the families. They are very important factor in dealing with divorce proceeding, and they will provide the best defense or case as per their clients requirements. They are also involved in adoption and child custody process where they are required to give their legal opinion on these matters.

Immigration Lawyers

They are special lawyers who studied the immigration law and they have all the knowledge about this field. They are the best legal experts who can help you get the Singapore’s citizenship easily by following the right legal procedure. They are the perfect choice of professional for those seeking employment business citizenship in Singapore.

Personal injury lawyers

This is another large group of lawyers who operates in Singapore. These are lawyers who are out there to help you get compensated for any injury that could have happened to you. They handle any personal injury case, and their prowess in this field is a guarantee that you will be handsomely compensated. They deal with burn injuries, chronic pain, respiration illness, amputation and car accidents. For those who have back, knee, shoulder and head injuries from an accident that they were not responsible, then they will help you to get compensated. These attorneys will also help those who have been injured in the construction sites' accidents to get a nice compensation for the damage done to them. With then you can also get compensated for the repetitive stress injury. If you have an occupation disease, then these are the best group of lawyers who will see to it that you have been compensated by your employer.

Real Estate/property Law Attorney

With the growth of Singapore real estate industry, these lawyers are now getting more recognized for their incredible services. They are involved in representing their clients in disputes that involve landlords and tenants. Their knowledge in the real estate industry has also helped many people in solving any misunderstanding with their neighbors on matter of properties dispute. They are also very important factor to consider whenever you are about to sign contracts in this industry.

Public interest lawyers

These are more like the human right lawyers, but their area of specialization is a bit different. They deal cases that are of public interest like defending the disability rights, environmental justice and also the health justice. They operate mostly like the charity lawyers, but their impact in the public is quite enormous.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

These are very popular lawyers who are involved in the activities of defending their clients against criminal charges. They handle cases like the crime, traffic ticketing among many others. Criminal defense lawyers are a crucial part of justice system since they provide another argument in the court of law that can help in the termination of the case or reduction in the magnitude of charges on their clients. These the main types of lawyer that you are likely to find in Singapore. The legal industry in this country is well regulated by reputable bodies, and thus quality of service is guaranteed. Any legal firm that you will find in this nation has the top most qualified professionals ready to offer their top notch services.
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