Slander Vs Libel In The Work Place

Jealousy among people at work place is not uncommon. This is a problem or issue that workers face around the world and Singapore is not untouched with this issue. At every workplace you may find some people that may try to defame you by various means. If we talk about the defamation or this propagation of false statements at work place then we can dived that in two parts. One is called slander and second is known as libel. Ideally, both are associated with defamation at workplace, but that both have some differences as well. So, in this article we are going to talk about differences between slander vs libel in the workplace and what are the things that you can do in various situations.


Way of defaming:

If someone speak wrong things about you to insult you or to defame you any manner, then that would come in the slander category. In other words we can also say that oral demining or oral method of communicating wrong things about you at your workplace is considered as slander. At the other hand, if we talk about libel, then it comes in the category of written defamation. If a person says something against your in written and if that information got published or written just to insult you or defame you, then we call it libel. This information can be published information in articles, news, blog or in a handwritten note at any place. Options could be anything, but if there is published information to defame you, then you call it libel.

Criteria or limitations:

In case of libel defamation, a communication to one person is good enough to file a case. That means if someone write something against you and share that with one person, then you may file a case against the defamer. However, this may not be as easy in the case of Slander. If a defamer speak against you with only one person, then you might never know about it. Also, if you get to know for same, then you may or may not get the other person to stand in court with you in defamation case. Also, if a person says something against you with assurance then only you can file a defamation case against him. However, this is not common in slander and libel both. For example, if a person verbally says, he suspect you are not good enough to perform your duties, but he is not sure, then you cannot file a case against anyone. But if he says the same thing in written, then chances are high that court will accept your case.


Proving the defamation:

When you file a case of defamation at workplace, then dependent only need to prove he did nothing. However, this is not the case for you and you will have to prove each and everything that you accuse. In case of slander things may never be easy for you to prove. As said above the slander is just a verbal communication in which people hear things and they say this against you. Now if a person says same thing to 10 different people in different wordings, then proving that defamation will be very difficult for you. Also, it is necessary that all the ten people need to come in front of court and they need to prove they are speaking truth. If those people have any personal issues with the defendant, then court may simply deny to consider them as your witness. Also, if all the people do not say same kind of things, then also your case will be weaker, and you may not win the case. Instead of that you may end up having charges for false accusing.

At the other hand, in case of libel, you don’t have to worry much for same. you only need to get the document or written statement as a proof and you need to connect that with defendant. If you can connect the text or written statement with the person whom you are accusing for defamation at work place, then you can win the case easily. However, you need to remember that it is always easy to say but tough to prove. So, you need to keep your hopes in limit and in practical ways before filing the case.


Things that you can do:

If you are dealing with Slander or libel in the workplace, then you could be lucky. In Singapore, almost all the offices and workplaces may have security camera and that might come as handy proof for you. For example, if two people are talking against you or someone is defaming you verbally inside the office, then you can use CCTV footage as a proof. If that CCTV recording has voice in it, then that would certainly be a good proof for you and court will also accept it. Same goes for the written defamation as well. For example, if a person took a printout and pasted it in office wall, then you can use CCTV recording to find out who did that. You can use that recording in courtroom as well to prove your point and to get justice. However, you need to have support from your workplace for that and if you do not get that support, then you may not get the recording as well.

In last, I would also advise that before you make your mind to file a case for slander or libel in the workplace, make sure you consult a good lawyer for that. If you do not have enough proof or witness, then a good lawyer will never recommend you to fight the case. I am not suggesting you should not seek for justice, but I am saying this so you do not become a victim of false accusing. If you get that problem due to lack of proofs, then instead of having justice, you may get more problems. So, keep this thing in your mind, get a good lawyer and then only take your decision for any of these things.
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