Is It Against Law To Install A Camera In Bedroom?

Over the recent years many homeowners in Singapore have been increasingly opting to install surveillance cameras in their houses.

· This trend can largely be attributed to the shocking reports of some nannies ill treating and even molesting the children that are placed under their care when the parents are away from the home.

· Additionally, out of the ever growing concern of criminals activities been perpetrated in residential areas such as burglary as well as vandalism. Many homeowners are finding it infinitely convenient and justifiable to install CCTV cameras in their houses. Which naturally gives them the opportunity to gather substantial evidence against the compromised perpetrators that they can easily hand over to law enforcement agents.

· Other homeowners also like to keep tabs on workers that carry out their duties in their houses such as plumbers or electricians, whose integrity they are uncertain about.

· On the other hand, some parents that have overly mischievous children, particularly teenagers, find it very practical to install these devices in their homes. In a justifiable attempt to steer such kids away from committing disreputable acts that are contrary to the socially accepted norms by monitoring their activities while at home.

· Further, some new parents also deem it good to install CCTV devices in their babies’ rooms to effectually monitor their welfare.

Is It Against Law To Install A Camera In Bedroom?

In all these scenarios what many people in this country do not realize is the fact that it is clearly against the law to install these surveillance gadgets in certain areas of the home. Which has led many to wonder if it is against the legislations of Singapore to install such cameras, say perhaps, in the bedroom? Well this happens to be an extremely tricky as well as complex query, but this article is geared to do its best to outline the most practical answer to it.

· To begin with, the installation of such devices in a home situated within the boundaries of this nation is for most part justified so long as no one’s privacy is infringed or compromised .

· This in essence definitely means that as by the law you are permitted to put up surveillance cameras in your home’s bedrooms. But you are also expected to adhere to the laid down procedures of executing such a move. Which basically means alerting all the inhabitants of such rooms of your intentions before proceeding to install CCTV gadgets there.

· However, technically speaking it is in fact illegal to do so if you have absolutely no mitigating reasons for carrying out such an action other than unjust suspicions.

· For instance, if you strongly suspect your children or any other person that dwells in your home of any irregular activity, especially if it is of a criminal nature. You are fully justified in the eyes of the law to install these cameras in the area they carry out such misdoings, even if it is in the bedroom they sleep in. Which will give you the hassle-free means to fully ascertain what exactly they are up to.

· Nevertheless, if you have absolutely no justifiable grounds to do so, apart from a disliking towards whoever you suspect, then the law completely frowns against such installations. And if your activities are ultimately discovered you will naturally be liable to face the wrath of the Singapore justice system.

Installing A Camera Is Against The Law For Private Places Like Bedroom And Bathroom

· To this end, it is usually highly advisable to put up CCTV cameras and other surveillance gadgets only in the public areas of your house. Such as the living room, kitchen, lounge, patio, veranda or other outdoor regions. While also trying your best to avoid private areas like bedrooms, toilets and even bathrooms. Where the presence of such surveillance gadgets are bound to compromise the privacy of the people that use such places. Particularly when it comes to exposing them to blackmail or extortion by disreputable individuals who may stumble upon the tapes you record. Which as virtually everyone would readily understand is completely against the law of not only this country, but also everywhere else in the world.

· When it comes to installing these devices in the public areas of your home. It is also absolutely necessary, like earlier mentioned, to inform the persons that live in your home of your intentions as an effective way to safeguard their privacy. Thus it is imperative to alert your children, relatives and workers such as maids, plumbers and even electricians of the fact that you are planning of installing CCTV cameras in your home. This will of course serve as a clear warning against them engaging in untoward activities, which will be legally held against them on the basis of the visually recorded evidence.

· All in all, it is important for you to understand that it is indeed very illegal in Singapore to install such spy gadgets in the bedroom if you do not have solid reasons for doing so. And like stated earlier should you proceed to do so and your actions are eventually discovered, you can find yourself in hot water as by the law of this nation.

· Then again if you are in a position where you are fully convinced that illegal activities are been conducted under your roof without your notice. You are perfectly justified to utilize every means in your power to gather comprehensive evidence of just what is going on. That you can ultimately hand over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies who will be able instigate an iron clad legal proceeding against the perpetrators involved.

· But absolutely under no circumstances should you install CCTV cameras in the bedroom if you have no valid reason to do so. Which not only infringes on the privacy of the person you put under surveillance, but also places them in a position where they are prone to blackmail or extortion.

Hope this article has been insightful to those individuals who may have been wondering if it is against the law to install a camera in private areas of the home in Singapore. There are many other elements to talk about; but the above is an insight in this regard.

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