How to find a Good Lawyer for Real Estate Law

Any problem involving in residential or commercial may need some legal practices from the lawyers. The countries all over the world offer different professionals with varied expertise and specializations, hence finding the best lawyer for the case is a tough job. Nevertheless, the clients need to conduct proper research while the law firms endorse their recommended professionals.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate and Principles

While there are various disciplines under this topic, real estate is the category for residential or commercial purposes. The owners for the properties may be individual, but also multiple under the rental provisions. The possessions of any land or estate are through acquirement, marketing, or inheritance from family members. The jurisdiction of the state and local governments is also apparent through some regulations according to purpose, whether in the commercial or residential land. The environmental laws and local zoning rules are also inclusive in these instances.

The following terms are usually involved in real estate laws:

• Title –
a legal name that refers to the person, group of people, or company who own the pieces of land.

• Mortgage –
the loan in the lease of the house or any related property; the creditor must receive partial lender ownership as the collateral for the property from the person who decides to take the lease.

• Foreclosure –
the progression for which upon the failure of payment of the mortgage, the owner gives the control of the property to the lender.

• Closing –
any engagement upon official transfer of the ownership of the properties among the parties.

• Real Estate Agent
– any person who possesses licensure to perform negotiations and real estate transactions.

Singapore and Real Estate Laws

While this country is currently growing from its technological advancements, Singapore is a place for the handling any real estate businesses. As of now, the economic growth is comparably the fastest to other countries in Asia.
The country is a pro-landlord institution, where there are no comprehensive real estate laws between the landlord/s and the tenant/s. The contract is the sole indication for any settled agreement for both parties. The Control of Rent (Abolition) Act 2001 provides free negotiation of rents in some rental establishments, and other Singaporeans can receive subsidies for their homes from the Housing and

Real Estate Lawyer

Development Board (HDB).

Any client who wishes to start any business related to real estate laws requires the consultation or legal advice for any cases. These people, whether they are locals or foreigners in the country, they may find other professionals to incorrectly appointed in the situation. For instance, the clients may realize that the lawyers who specialize in real estate investment trusts (REITs) cannot help them to solve the complicated case of asset securitization. There are many factors to consider such as the expertise of these professionals to ensure the accomplishment and achievement of the goals.
Disputation among the property owner/s and the tenant/s are frequently through mediation or the Alternative Dispute Resolution. Groups such as the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) and the Singapore Mediation Center (SMC) handle these types of situations. However, if the case requires court proceedings, both parties must seek legal practices.
For more convenience, this article can provide some ways for the people in Singapore to search the best legal practitioner for their real estate case.

1. Conduct meticulous research

While preparing for the legal paperwork, the clients should also start to look for any law firms in the country. According to Chambers and Partners, several law firms can provide legal services and consultations based on the obtained expertise and specializations such as the following cases:

• Establishment of real estate investment trusts (REITs)
• Private equity property funds
• Developing and financing of properties
• Sovereign wealth funds
• Transactional real estate mandate
• Asset securitization
• Sale of assets
• Joint ventures
• Commercial leasing
• Project development
• Development issues
• Procurement of property
• Divestment of property

Real Estate Lawyer

If this thing is the case, the clients should consult the law firm about the practitioners who specialize in their problems or the legal case. Anyone can also perform a background check if somehow the lawyers are ideally fit for the situation and skillful to provide some consultations. A client may also turn to the views of family and friends. These people may encounter relatives or friends of their relatives who may know professionals that can provide some legal assistance in real estate.

Other possibilities are the media with some report the progression in related legal cases. These online services are the comparably faster method to search any lawyer around your area.

2. Set up a meeting

A personal conversation is an excellent way to interrogate a person and his or her characteristics. These people can set up an appointment in the building and look for the possible candidates for their case. They may also refer to the consultants in the company, conduct interviews around the area, or give queries regarding the legal practitioners.

Any legal case may require some skillful professional in a specific area such that the mentioned specializations and diverse expertise. As a recommendation, a list of interview questions is an excellent way to accomplish the goals and answer every possible issue in mind.

3. Rate the professionals

Upon meeting, the client may now refer to the recommended list of legal practitioners. When they finally decide to narrow down the accomplishments and the credentials of each candidate, they may find fewer candidates to select. People must now look at the traits and how these professionals view the rules and regulations about the real estate. Versatility and keenness are the characteristics to consider before availing the services of the preferred candidate in the list. In the end, the client may find the right lawyer that can provide the legal assistance.


Overall, the methods such as in-depth research, personal interviews, and rating of the candidates can help every client in Singapore to find the best lawyer for the real estate cases. The people must check other factors such as the portfolio of credentials and traits such as the flexibility and observant to details. In the future, these clients may finally select the best ones on the list to solve any real estate issues in their business or personal lives.
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