Finding A Lawyer

Finding a great lawyer may be a difficult task unless you know where to look. It is important to get a great lawyer because a great lawyer in Singapore could prevent you from experiencing a lot of consequences. There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you get the best lawyer possible.

Finding A Lawyer

First, to make sure that you get a great lawyer is to make of list of things that you want to a lawyer. You need to make of list of criteria for the lawyer. It is very important to know what you want before you look for a lawyer. Like, if you need to buy a used car you don't just go and look around. Instead, you write down features that you want in a car and then go search for a car. Finding a lawyer is a very similar process. This concludes the first step in finding a great lawyer.

Talk with your colleagues, friends and family members some advice and tips can be very valuable when you're find the best lawyer possible. These may give you ideas about who to hire. It is a great idea to keep a list of potential candidates, and it is also a great idea to keep a list of bad lawyers. You need to remind yourself to stay away from the bad lawyers. If you do not receive any great advice from your colleagues, friends or family members do not panic there are other methods that can be used to search for better lawyer. This is the second step that you should take if you want to find a better lawyer.

The third thing that you need to do if you need to locate a great-lawyer in Singapore is to search the internet and phone books. These can be very useful sources of information. The internet and yellow pages will give you ideas of who are good candidates for the job. Don't forget the list of criteria that you made before the search began. But, try to be open minded when you are searching for potential candidates. Is a better ideas to have at least two to three lawyers on your lists of potential candidates. If you have at least three lawyers on your list, then you will have lawyers to fall back on if you experience trouble.

The next step in the process is to get in touch with the potential candidates. You should call each of the candidates on your list and ask them questions that you have already prepared. This is very important to be organized when you call the lawyer. Once you hear what the lawyer have to say, then you can be able to make your final decision. By the end of the process you will have a great-lawyer if you follow the steps.

Finding A Lawyer

Qualities Of A perfect Lawyer


A good lawyer cares about his/her client's safety and the verdict of the case. He/she considers carefully the impact of the case before and after the verdict is made. A good criminal lawyer understands criminal charges generate a lot of pressure in many spheres of an individual's life including their career, family life, and finances. The rule applies regardless of the nature of the crime. Therefore, it is very important for the lawyer to provide maximum support.

Good relational skills

A good lawyer knows how to create an ideal environment where the client can open up and confide in him/her. This is particularly important in getting all the facts. Furthermore, a lawyer with good relational skills can be able to work well with the prosecutor and judge. If the accused person is proved beyond a shadow of doubt of having committed the offense, a good lawyer can present him/herself so well to bring out the juries and judges sympathy and in turn, reduce the sentence.


A good lawyer should work smart to get the case settled in record time. If you are in jail, you need to look for a lawyer who will get you out of jail fast. To achieve this, the lawyer can undertake several things, including presenting motions for release, setting bail or requesting for a supervised release. The lawyer should work towards reducing bail and the time set for hearing the case. This will help get your life back on track the earliest time possible.

Finding A Lawyer

Keep it confidential

A good lawyer upholds his/her client's privacy. This is very important when dealing with the client's family members. Although family members may mean well, good lawyers keep the matters under the case private and confidential. They can only respond to questions asked when their client authorizes. The lawyer may also encourage his/her client to avoid revealing certain matters that are likely to aggravate his position. Therefore, admission of being an illegal immigrant can deny or exclude their clients from re-admission.

When you meet or talk with Accident Lawyers in Singapore , make sure you provide information such as:

(1) when the injury took place or when you found out about it,
(2) what your damages were/are/will be, and
(3) a good description of what happened.
When Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers review your information, they'll want to know these things as a starting point. These Lawyers have researched accident and injury cases and legislation and will know if there is a time limitation on your ability to bring a claim as well as your probability of success in both negotiating or litigating a resolution.

Contingency Fee

Frequently, Accident Attorneys take on cases that have merit on a contingency fee basis, which means that they won't get paid until you get paid. Percentages typically range from 20 to upwards of 40% of what you collect from third parties. This compensation method facilitates access to justice because lawyers are often too expensive on an hourly basis to pursue your claim. Bear in mind, however, that this compensation method provides an incentive for lawyers to try to settle a case prematurely. This should be avoided where the case has merit, and you do not want to settle for less than a certain amount.
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