What Does An Estate Planning Attorney Do?

It is always better to be ready for anything that might happen to you. You need to prepare everything for your family so that you can be assured that they will still live comfortably even if something bad will happen to you. That is why people need estate planning attorneys. An estate planning attorney helps people to plan ahead things that are related with their estates.
The estate plan of a person is actually considered as a legal legacy. Even though you probably don't want to plan the things that should be done to your real estates after you are gone, planning ahead will still benefit your family and will get rid of family conflict. Also, an estate plan is not just a list of assets and who gets them after you die. Even though you wish to be very straightforward, there are some things that you might need to consider for it to be legally effective. That is why people hire estate planning attorneys. Below is the list of the things that an estate planning attorney actually does.


1. Customize your will without messing it all up.

It is of course easy to find a will template online and just fill up the blanks in the template. However, most of the assets that a person owns do not really fit in a generic and mass-produced template. If ever you want to change some of the provisions in the form will or template, you can get the risk of invalidating your whole will. Most people do not really know how to properly draft a will so it is really important to hire an estate planning attorney. By doing that you can be assured that your will be legally effective once you are gone.

2. Avoid estate and probate taxes.

If you do not want your estate to have probate taxes once you are gone, then you better plan ahead your will. An estate planning attorney has several ways to escape probate taxes. The attorney can either use death beneficiaries or joint property ownership in order to evade from probate taxes. Also, the most common method to avoid estate and probate taxes is through the use of trusts. The use of trusts is actually a legal excuse that most attorneys use.


3. Know the legal instruments that best suit your financial situation.

There are some situations that will only need a simple will. But there are few that need different kinds of trusts in order for the will to be legally processed. If you will get an estate planning attorney, you will receive an intelligent advice about how much, how little and how difficult it is to do your will. The attorney can also help you decide the instruments that will benefit you and your family in the future. The living will, also known as the durable power of attorney can be given to you.

4. Let you know if it is already time to update your estate plan or will.

The estate plan that you did yesterday may not be applicable today. That is why you need to update your estate plan as per the advice of the attorney. You need to update your estate plan because over the years things link family, assets and location can change. Also, if you suddenly want to include someone from your family or group of friends, then you can immediately update your estate plan.

5. Keep up with the country's latest laws.

Laws regarding estate properties also change over time. Nothing is permanent in this world because the laws today can be very different to the laws tomorrow. It is only the estate attorney who has the best knowledge about the changes in estate laws. If you will not hire an estate lawyer and not keep up with the changes in the law, then it is very likely that your will not be legally effective in the future.

Planning Attorney

Moving on, most estate planning attorneys only charge flat rates when they are just planning an estate or drafting an estate plan. However, the cost of hiring an estate attorney will be higher if you will require him or her to act on your behalf, handle disputes and make sure that the will be carried out immediately after you die. In many instances, an estate attorney is billed per hour of service. In order to find the best estate attorneys in town, you can check the websites of estate attorneys or contact the law firms near you.

After hiring an estate attorney, you can expect that the attorney will be able to ensure that all of the things you want will be done accordingly and that all the documents that you have signed are valid and enforceable. The legal advice that you will get from your estate attorney will get rid of the worries that your family will feel after you are gone. Your family will also be able to know how you want to divide your real estate properties. This situation will also lessen the chance of having dispute within the family because of the assets.

Indeed, estate planning is very important and it should not be neglected. It is actually part of the long-term financial planning which will help you manage your real estate assets. There are also many options that you can take in order to be informed about the do-it-yourself estate planning but this is quite risky. If you will only do the estate plan on your own, the possibility of the will to be legally invalid will be higher. Your family will suffer if ever you will fail to provide a legal estate plan. So it is really advisable that you hire an estate attorney and plan ahead about your real estate assets. But you should be careful in choosing an estate attorney because there are some who are just pretending to be lawyers while other attorneys are not really knowledgeable about estate planning. So you should check first the profile of the estate attorney that you will hire. Hence, you need to look for the right estate attorney and plan ahead now.
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